Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I had tonnes of work that need to be done but sometimes don't know where to start.... I have all the related materials needed but..... dunno lah, i'm out of time nie.... only 6 more mths to go before I can wrap everythin' (if i can finish on time can lah, if not... sendiri mau ingat ler... adui...)

I wish I can do some retail theraphy like frens back home.... but here, I don't think I wanna waste our money to buy things that I can get with a better price back home.... sometimes ok ler but still I missed shopping 'sakan' session esp. during megasale ker....

OK lah enough with my whining... time to FOCUS!!!!!

Friday, February 24, 2006

This cheeky girl

She's watching Barney (she's really into barney nowadays... Hi5 pun dah tak layan sgt) at the mo.... just now after putting on the vcd, i asked her to clean up all the toys etc... blh dia jawab... 'ibu look i'm too sweaty to clean up' which means tak blh ler tu sbb dah berpeluh2 tu... but sometimes when she's in the mood of doing the house keeping... mmg kemas betul ler... at one time i just have a look while she's cleaning the mess, and guess what she managed to put all the things where it supposed to be.... e.g: there's a cup in the living room, she took it n put in the sink, rubbish in the bin etc.... so oklah anak dara nie dah blh ler diharapkan.... sometimes ler. Hmmm while writing this... here she is.... 'ibu, look at my lovely dress...' habis dah comot kena aiskrim yg ayah beli td.... now she's taking a shower (again) cos she said she's all wet kena aiskrim td.... sabo jer lah ngan si aisyah nie... (this pix was taken during raya haji this year at Al-hidayah mosque) Posted by Picasa

PM lagi

This pix was taken after our photo session.... Pak Lah put a smile oh his face upon receiving a koala wearing a graduation gown n hat from 1 of the PhD students (both pix courtesy of k wan, tq) Posted by Picasa

PM receiving his award

Pak lah receiving his Doctorate award from Curtin Uni's cancelor Posted by Picasa

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Jumpa Pak Lah

2 days in a row had a chance to listen to Pak Lah's address in 2 different ceremonies. The first ceremony is a meeting between PM and Malaysian students in Western Australia at Hyatt Hotel on the 21st. During this occasion I had to leave earlier cos hubby have to go to work. So doesn't have a chance for the photo session etc. At least I can listen to his speech... and there is something that really related to me during his speech... I quote this:
"not enough focus is the cause of failure" (PM)
which is for me is really truly true.... aduss.....!!!! FOCUS.....FOCUS.....FOCUS.....

Then yesterday, went to the ceremony that awarding him an Honorary Doctorate of Technology from my uni (Curtin Uni of Tech). The best part is, had a chance for a photo session with him cos only all PhD students were asked for the photo session and luckily the number of the students are small.

Pak Lad said.... 'belajar betui2 dan biar habis jugak...' so cam semangat ler jugak at the moments... so, focus and insyaAllah can finish on time........

Sunday, February 19, 2006


Yesterday after soooo long, i went for a swim.... feels so good to swim around (of course without ur scarf on). Actually this private pool was booked by the women muslim group here n i know about this last week but unable to join last week. No mans/boys were allowed.... even for boys below 4 were only allowed. Ok lah kan.... n i don't even bring Aisyah with me cos i know if she's with me i can't really swim.... so thanks to hubby for letting me took my own sweet time to do what i really love to do.

Luckily i still remembered how to swim after nearly i can't remember lah for how long i doesn't really swim.... pegi pool pun just goyang2 kaki camtu jer.... they still have 5 more weeks to go before they stop for winter.... so this will be my new saturday activity for the next 5 wks... and my back are really sore yesterday... but it's ok now.... feels so good huhuhuh

Friday, February 17, 2006

Summer activity

This is the outcomes from our usual summer activity.... now musim tamban.... so sekali mancing dpr ler 30/40 ekor or sometimes more klu kena elok ler.... normally hubby buangkan terus sisiknya before bawak balik, so tak der ler habis terabur sisik kat dapur.... hmmm since tamban... so goreng garing2 jer ler kejanya.... tp sedap jer.... ops lupa buatkan jgk keropok lekor n letak dlm mee 'celon' (eh betui ker.... sape2 org ganu klu salah tlg betuikan... rasa cam betui kan ina)... dah duk negara org keropok lekor pun blh buat sendiri hehehehe..... dah masuk food processor, insyaAllah tak rasa dah tulangnya.... sedap..... Posted by Picasa

Aliff's party - the pix

Aliff with the prezzie from ayah n ibu..... terus dok remind ayah to buy him batteries.... as u all may experienced.... dok ulang2 ler berkali2 pasal batteries tu.... hmmm sabo jer ler... Posted by Picasa

Aliff's party - the pix

Posing lg with the opened gifts.... tq to all.... n adik yg dok sibuk enterframe.... heheheh Posted by Picasa

Aliff's party - the pix

Aliff n Aisyah with the prezzies.... that tedy is for Aisyah... maybe sbb masa her birthday dulu uncle n auntie blm bg so qada' ler nie hehehehe.... Posted by Picasa

Aliff's party - the pix

My own baked cakes n birthday boy.... one for aliff n another one for ameng (in the blue shirt).... hmmm cite pasal my choc cake for aliff.... punyalah dok mencari resepi for choc cake nie... alih2 during the baking time... cam malas jer nak buat n sambil dok belek2 kotak choc cadbury tu... tgk resepi kat situ... eh senangnya.... sifted all the dry ingredients.... then put in all the others (eggs, butter,etc) then start mixing with the slow speed then increase the speed n beat for 1 min.... done.... dah siap tu... dok pikir.... camne ler rasa kek tu... ye lah x leh rasa kan... till on the day itself my fren asked me how to make that choc cake cos it taste good.... hehehehe terus pi rasa jg.... mmg sedap.... unluckily i've thrown the box.... so have to buy another one ler later.... Posted by Picasa

Aliff's party - the pix

The foods during the party.... another table for drinks n desserts, tak nampak plak... n masa nie makcik blm sampai ngan mskn2nya... so tak de ler periuk2 besar makcik in the pix Posted by Picasa

Thursday, February 16, 2006

can you read

Since the last term in pre-primary last year Aliff started to bring back home his reading folder which contained his reading log book (to jot down the date, title of the book n parents comments)and 1 simple story book for early readers which he choosed himself. And it's the same with this year.... so we have to practise with them and it's really good thing to do... as for me.... (ni bkn cth yg baik ok) every morning bout 7am baru dok sibuk asked aliff to read his book... in the middle of preparing his lunch box and our brekkie.... sungguh kurang sesuai heheheh...

This morning he showed me that he had lots of stickers in his log (which is true, 1 sticker for each book he has read) book and told me that he got it from Hazel

me: ok so u got the stickers from ur fren

aliff: no she's not my fren, she teach us how to read.

me: ok, i thought she's ur fren. so mana dia ajar abg read

aliff: in the other big room

me: (curious nak tahu lg nie, eh anak aku sorang jer ker yg kena camni) eh abg sorang jer ker or all ur frens pun dia ajar

aliff: yes, everyone

me: oh, she taught all of u one by one.... so u have to take turn like that

aliff: yes

me: ok, so that's good. U have to read properly and look at the word first before saying it ok....

aliff: ok

me: good boy

I never knew that there'll be specific teacher/staff at aliff's school that taught them how to read. Of course the teacher won't be able to monitor or taking times to listen to the students reading their books one by one every time right. I'm happy to know that. No wonder ler now I can see his improvements in reading. And here once a week the kids will go to the library and bring back the story book (this activity pun start dr pre-primary lg), so liked Aliff his type of story books of course ler yg related with animals, monster yg mmg ala2 budak lelaki ler.

Hopefully Aliff can cope well with our schooling systems next year.... so far from what i've heard... sume anak2 my frens yg dtg sini, yg dah sekolah kat mesia ler... like dah darjah 3/4 bila dtg sini cakap senangnya sekolah kat sini.... adui ler.... ambik cth aliff dah ler... everyday pi sekolah in his backpack was his lunch box n his reading folder.... tak tahu ler mcm mn next year... we'll see lah yer... n not to forget, have to teach him read in BM.... hmmmm

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

news here n there

The weather here really weird this year.... suppose during summer panas jer lah kan... nie tak.... yesterday it really felt like summer with the temp up to 36 degrees... but today the max is only up to 27 degrees n it really looks like winter... gloomy n drizzle all day...
Nway, few things happen recently which i'll update in point forms;
  • last friday received an invitation letter from the canselor office regarding the ceremony to present our beloved PM an Honorary Doctorate of Technology from Curtin Uni on the 22nd Feb. Of course i'll attend this coremony... bkn senang nak jumpa PM kan...
  • then received an e-mail from JPA officer in Sydney about PM meeting with all Malaysian students at Sheraton Hotel on the 21st, the day before. And he stated that all JPA students have to attend.... why not lah jugak kan... so 2 x ler jumpa Pak Lah....
  • today plak... received a letter (brp byk received daa...) from our house agent to inform that our house rental will be incease from current $170 to $185 per week effective from 19th April... hmmm byk tu... $15 per week... luckily it doesn't effective immedietly.... mcm2 sungguh
  • on monday... when i picked up aliff from school he showed me his present that he get from his teacher because he can read quietly which makes me wonder, 'if u read quietly how'll ur teacher know that u read correctly?'... then he showed me how.... oooo reading quietly while ur mouth showing the words.... asked him who else get the prezzie... only him... well done my son.... this is his 2nd prezzie fr his teacher (since the school started on the 4th feb) as a token for doing well in classroom... eventhough just a small gift like that it still makes me proud of him... n i'm sure the same with other mums kan....

That's it... have to go home.... jap lg hubby's turn plak nak pi keja.... in n out camni ler kat sini... till then... toodles!

Monday, February 13, 2006

The party

Alhamdulillah... majlis harijadi aliff went well.... makanan bkn tak cukup tp teramat byk ler lebihnya... so mmg yg dtg kena bawak balik bungkusan or else mmg tak termakan... makcik masakkan byk mknn dan bawak dtg... mee kuah (ada org panggil mee siam), roti canai n kari ayam, sponge kek n 3 biji kuih bakar... pas tu plak makcik dtg lambat sket, so yg dah tak larat lg nak mkn tu mmg kena 'take away' ler....

Then selalunya klu jemput makcik mesti jemput kawan baik makcik... cik enon n dia nie mmg terkenal dgn cendolnya... so masing2 dok tunggu makcik n cik enon tak dtg2 so ada ler few of my guests nie dah nak balik.. siap dah salam2 sume n dah pegang handbag memasing... tup2 cik enon n cendolnya sampai terus sume letak balik handbag masing2 n pekena cendol dulu... sib baik cik enon tak tukar menu yg dibawa hehehe....

K kam plak siap bawakan pulut kuning n kerutub ayam, nasi beriani n lauknya with acar n kuih kasui.... so mmg byk ler mkn.... ina dgn muffinnya, k ita dgn cara berlauk ala tak de acuan, n buah2 tgn yg lain.... so mmg meriah ler... normally mmg camtu... takutkan tak cukup mknn mmg berlebih2.... tp ok ler at least boleh bg kekawan bawak balik....

Aliff of course happy with all the gifts the he recieved.... tq to all our guest.... so i'll upload some pix later k.... Aisyah cam biasa ler... nak gak sume tu n nak bithday party gak soon.... adeh letih.... so till then.... toodles!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Counting the days

Aliff has been counting the days for his birthday party for the last few days, which is tomorrow. He's really excited about tomorrow and who's not isn't. Me too, busy about the preparation and the lists of the guests, foods, cakes, lollies bags, etc., what to buy, how much to cook.... mcm2 lah.

I've started baking some cakes yesterday, and I made a small (really small ok) cup cake to be put with the chocs etc. in the lollies bags. And I'm sure that huby is now busy doing the shopping from the list that I've prepared earlier. Aisyah keep asking me this morning.... ' I want ibu to come shopping with me and ayah...' which of course I would normally do. But since I had a meeting at 11am today.... shopping berdua ler depa....

At first, my plan was to do a BBQ. But since I can't get the lamb (beli sekor U.... murah jer) so the new menu will be: nasi ayam, mee kari and a desert (nie tak sure lg kuih apa nak buat... tp of course ler yg sonang2).... n my own bake birthday cake (hajat di hati at the mo ler).

Camtu ler..... nak main tunjuk2 tak boleh kat sini, so I'll be busy in the kitchen from this evening..... have to settle the cakes today (i'm making two cakes, 1 for my fren's son) and any other stuffs that can be prepared today.... so tak de lah gopoh2 esok.... the party will be started after dzhor.

Have a nice weekend u'oals.... till then.......adios

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Bila balik?

Now, that's the comman question I get from people when I met them.... maybe sbb tgk dah lama duk sini tak balik2 lg.... hehehehe...... my answer will be.... maybe in july or klu pe2 pun august lah cos my schalrship will due in august....

But i know.... they asked just because they wanna know..... bukan apa2 kan.... tp tu ler mmg susah nak cakap bila habis.... hubby also keep asking me... 'ibu, sempat ker habis nie?'.... entahler... sometimes i feels like i can finish it in time, but sometimes not.... hmmm... dunno lah, whatever it's we'll be back home by august....

Ohhh, I'll have a meeting with Murray (main SV) this friday.... after nearly 3 mths I haven't meet him... he's always travel here n there.... sibuk ya amats ler paksik nie.... luckily I have Peter to rely on.... so have to prepare something for the discussion.....

Bila lah nak balik nie? Of course the earlier is better.... but most probably we'll stay here till august, nanti dah balik rindu-rinduan plak ngan Perth kan susah plak kan....

Till then, toodles

Monday, February 06, 2006

I'm six now........

Yesterday was Aliff's birthday.... before went to bed that night, he keep telling us that he'll turn six tomorrow..... n of course whe he woke up in the morning.... the very first thing he told me was..... 'ibu.... it's my birthday today n i'm six now....'

We didn't celebrate his birthday yesterday.... cause we'll be having the party this saturday.. so yesterday.... bring him for a picnic to woodman point with frens n then went for fishing at frementle........

How time flies... i still can remember the very first time i hold him in my arms.... kissing n cuddling him......... now he's a big boy that looked shy when i kiss him goodbye on his forehead in front of his frens at school in the morning.....

Wishing him for a good life ahead... n dirahmati ALLAH SWT sentiasa....

With love,
Ibu, Ayah n Adik

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Year 1 (Room 2)

Finally.... he has his own table ( ye lah when in kindy n pre-primary lebih pada apa yer hehehe... an intro for the kids to learn while playing). So that his classroom looks liked.... kecik jer meja tu kan.... Posted by Picasa

First day to school

Aliff in his new attire, ready to go to school. He's in year 1 (6 yrs old), and here year 1 is of course similar to standard 1 in Malaysia.... the different is with their age... 1 yr younger. One happy and excited lil boy.... all d best best to you my dear son....... Posted by Picasa

Grapes Orchard Visit

Aliff, Aisyah n Cdah (ina's daughter) at the Grapes Orchard when we went there for a visit (our main intention is mainly for photo session pun heheh). Bought some grapes (as pemanis mulut) then we asked for a permission to snap some pics. Of course, our wish were granted with a rule to be followed........ 'just don't touch the grapes....' doesn't matter as long as we can have the grapes in our pics..... Posted by Picasa

Chapter of My Life

Chapter of My Life

Friday, February 03, 2006

ops i did it!!!

Finally i'm a having a blogger account...... still with the same name n title of the old blog just with different provider/server...... whatever lah....... so now ala2 tak de keja.... i'm officially announcing my new blog!!!!!