Thursday, February 23, 2006

Jumpa Pak Lah

2 days in a row had a chance to listen to Pak Lah's address in 2 different ceremonies. The first ceremony is a meeting between PM and Malaysian students in Western Australia at Hyatt Hotel on the 21st. During this occasion I had to leave earlier cos hubby have to go to work. So doesn't have a chance for the photo session etc. At least I can listen to his speech... and there is something that really related to me during his speech... I quote this:
"not enough focus is the cause of failure" (PM)
which is for me is really truly true.... aduss.....!!!! FOCUS.....FOCUS.....FOCUS.....

Then yesterday, went to the ceremony that awarding him an Honorary Doctorate of Technology from my uni (Curtin Uni of Tech). The best part is, had a chance for a photo session with him cos only all PhD students were asked for the photo session and luckily the number of the students are small.

Pak Lad said.... 'belajar betui2 dan biar habis jugak...' so cam semangat ler jugak at the moments... so, focus and insyaAllah can finish on time........


Ajzie said...

Emmm Pak Lah datang sana. Seronok ler yea ada seisi photografi..Leh masuk blog. hihi. Insyallah saya doakan ella can finish your PHD on time.


Ella said...

Hi ajzie... tu ler kena dptkn dulu the pic from the photograper... then maybe blh masuk blog hehehe.... n tq..