Thursday, February 16, 2006

can you read

Since the last term in pre-primary last year Aliff started to bring back home his reading folder which contained his reading log book (to jot down the date, title of the book n parents comments)and 1 simple story book for early readers which he choosed himself. And it's the same with this year.... so we have to practise with them and it's really good thing to do... as for me.... (ni bkn cth yg baik ok) every morning bout 7am baru dok sibuk asked aliff to read his book... in the middle of preparing his lunch box and our brekkie.... sungguh kurang sesuai heheheh...

This morning he showed me that he had lots of stickers in his log (which is true, 1 sticker for each book he has read) book and told me that he got it from Hazel

me: ok so u got the stickers from ur fren

aliff: no she's not my fren, she teach us how to read.

me: ok, i thought she's ur fren. so mana dia ajar abg read

aliff: in the other big room

me: (curious nak tahu lg nie, eh anak aku sorang jer ker yg kena camni) eh abg sorang jer ker or all ur frens pun dia ajar

aliff: yes, everyone

me: oh, she taught all of u one by one.... so u have to take turn like that

aliff: yes

me: ok, so that's good. U have to read properly and look at the word first before saying it ok....

aliff: ok

me: good boy

I never knew that there'll be specific teacher/staff at aliff's school that taught them how to read. Of course the teacher won't be able to monitor or taking times to listen to the students reading their books one by one every time right. I'm happy to know that. No wonder ler now I can see his improvements in reading. And here once a week the kids will go to the library and bring back the story book (this activity pun start dr pre-primary lg), so liked Aliff his type of story books of course ler yg related with animals, monster yg mmg ala2 budak lelaki ler.

Hopefully Aliff can cope well with our schooling systems next year.... so far from what i've heard... sume anak2 my frens yg dtg sini, yg dah sekolah kat mesia ler... like dah darjah 3/4 bila dtg sini cakap senangnya sekolah kat sini.... adui ler.... ambik cth aliff dah ler... everyday pi sekolah in his backpack was his lunch box n his reading folder.... tak tahu ler mcm mn next year... we'll see lah yer... n not to forget, have to teach him read in BM.... hmmmm

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