Friday, February 10, 2006

Counting the days

Aliff has been counting the days for his birthday party for the last few days, which is tomorrow. He's really excited about tomorrow and who's not isn't. Me too, busy about the preparation and the lists of the guests, foods, cakes, lollies bags, etc., what to buy, how much to cook.... mcm2 lah.

I've started baking some cakes yesterday, and I made a small (really small ok) cup cake to be put with the chocs etc. in the lollies bags. And I'm sure that huby is now busy doing the shopping from the list that I've prepared earlier. Aisyah keep asking me this morning.... ' I want ibu to come shopping with me and ayah...' which of course I would normally do. But since I had a meeting at 11am today.... shopping berdua ler depa....

At first, my plan was to do a BBQ. But since I can't get the lamb (beli sekor U.... murah jer) so the new menu will be: nasi ayam, mee kari and a desert (nie tak sure lg kuih apa nak buat... tp of course ler yg sonang2).... n my own bake birthday cake (hajat di hati at the mo ler).

Camtu ler..... nak main tunjuk2 tak boleh kat sini, so I'll be busy in the kitchen from this evening..... have to settle the cakes today (i'm making two cakes, 1 for my fren's son) and any other stuffs that can be prepared today.... so tak de lah gopoh2 esok.... the party will be started after dzhor.

Have a nice weekend u'oals.... till then.......adios

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