Sunday, February 19, 2006


Yesterday after soooo long, i went for a swim.... feels so good to swim around (of course without ur scarf on). Actually this private pool was booked by the women muslim group here n i know about this last week but unable to join last week. No mans/boys were allowed.... even for boys below 4 were only allowed. Ok lah kan.... n i don't even bring Aisyah with me cos i know if she's with me i can't really swim.... so thanks to hubby for letting me took my own sweet time to do what i really love to do.

Luckily i still remembered how to swim after nearly i can't remember lah for how long i doesn't really swim.... pegi pool pun just goyang2 kaki camtu jer.... they still have 5 more weeks to go before they stop for winter.... so this will be my new saturday activity for the next 5 wks... and my back are really sore yesterday... but it's ok now.... feels so good huhuhuh


Ajzie said...

salam kenal dari saya..Emm dah nak balik Msia..seronoknye. Kami next year baru balik...Maaf yea..boleh saya tahu Ella ni tutor di mana? Kami dari selatan Msia.

Ella said...

salam kenalan dr ella jugak buat wilhem~achtzehn (bgth ler nama yg senang nak panggil lps nie heheheh, ella tutor dr UPM.

Tu ler nak balik tak lama lg tp kerja still byk lg huhuhu.....

Ajzie said...

panggil ajzie aje... Wilhelm-achtzehn tu alamat rumah kami..Wilhelm nama jalan, Achtzehn to no. 18 dalam bahasa german..

Salam Dari